Location - Maistros Apartments in Lefkada, Tsoukalades


Located 5 km from the city and 1.5 km after the monastery of Faneromeni. A comfortable complex of 6 apartments with quiet, cool and a big garden that can be enjoyed young and old. The building is surrounded by olive groves generously offer the shade and coolness.


Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian Sea. It is located south of Corfu and very close to the coasts of the Greek mainland, to which it is connected with a bridge and visitors come by car. The name of the island means “white” thanks to the white abrupt rocks on the southern side of the island.


Taking the road from Lefkada Town to Agios Nikitas and after the Monastery of Faneromeni with the lush green forest, there is a road that leads to Tsoukalades. Tsoukalades is a traditional village at a distance of only 5 km from Lefkada Town, with unique view to the blue Ionian Sea.